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herbivoresunite's Journal

vegans,vegetarians and omnivores unite

Vegetarians,Vegans,and Omnivores
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*NOTE*: Those who would like to be a co-mod, or would like to design, and create some grpahics for the page and user info, please contact me through email, or on AIM.

This community is for vegans,vegetarians, and omnivores. Feel free to join, but please follow these guidelines:

-New to the community? Introduce and tell us about yourself.

- Enjoy bothering people? Too bad! Harassment will not be tolerated here.

-No quizzes please.

-Do you have a photo, article,or a survey? If so, please post it BEHIND AN LJ-CUT!

-Please don't join, make insulting comments, then leave afterwards please. It only shows how much of a coward you are. Also, please don't post insulting comments anonymously. Again, the cowardness issue.

-If you have any recipes, feel free to post them, along with links to stories. Thanks!

Moderated by ___shimmerfae

If you are an animal activist, and can't stand animal cruelty, please join my other community, anti_cruelty.